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Help & FAQs

Help & FAQs

I want to make a purchase, but I'm not sure I qualify.

Currently, Disc Golf Wholesale allows anyone making a purchase of $250 or more to receive wholesale pricing on disc golf products. We reserve the right to change our policies, including minimum purchase amount and/or qualifying accounts at any time without advance notice. If you do not meet our minimum purchase requirement, then please visit our main retail site, Disc Nation.

Do I need an account to make a purchase?

Yes, all customers must setup an account. However, to receive the base wholesale prices that are shown by default to customers, no additional approval or setup is required. High-volume customers who wish to receive additional discounts will need to be approved for these separate pricing tiers and have these price tiers assigned to their account.

If I buy more products, can I receive additional discounts?

Absolutely. The prices shown to new customers on Disc Golf Wholesale are our base wholesale prices. We offer deeper discounts for customers who purchase more items. To this end, we offer the following additional pricing tiers:
  • Tier 1 - Customer purchases $2,000 or more annually and an initial order of $750 or more.*
  • Tier 2 - Customer purchases $3,500 or more annually and an initial order of $1,250 or more.*
  • Tier 3 - Customer purchases $5,000 or more annually and an initial order of $2,000 or more.*
  • * Basket purchases are excluded from these figures. All figures are based on purchase of discs, bags and accessories.

    If you feel you qualify for one of these price tiers, then please contact us via e-mail at or by phone during business hours at 512-284-9324. Once approved, your account will be updated with your pricing tier and you will see your new prices on this web site for all items.

    Tiered prices for Discs can be seen here and tiered prices for all other items can be seen here. You can access these pricing pages and use them to navigate around the site by clicking on the "Disc Pricing & Navigation" and "Non-Disc Pricing" tabs that appear on the top of all pages on this site. We monitor all account activity for all wholesale customers and reserve the right to change a customer's pricing level and/or disallow on-going purchase of products at wholesale prices for any reason and without advance notice.

    Can I buy Innova Products at Wholesale Prices?

    No. Well, sort of. Innova does not permit sale of their products at prices below their minimally allowed retail prices. These minimum retail prices are generally lower than the prices you'll see on other sites. For convenience we offer all Innova discs at the minimum retail price.

    Can I buy Grip Equipment products at Wholesale Prices?

    Only authorized Disc Golf Wholesale accounts are qualified for wholesale pricing on Grip Equipment products. To see if you qualify, please contact us via e-mail at or by phone during business hours at 512-284-9324. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 5:00 pm CST.

    Can I pay with a purchase order?

    We accept purchase orders from government entities only. All other customers must pay for an order in-full at checkout. Orders submitted with a "Purchase Order" payment type that are not from a government entity will be held until payment is provided in full. Further, any order to be paid via Purchase Order MUST have a copy of the actual PO (an official PO form with PO number, Pay upon receipt payment terms and all shipping/taxes spelled out) faxed to us at (512)852-4519 or e-mailed to within 1 business day of placing the order.

    PO orders will not be processed until a SIGNED PO that has ALL of these items in it and SHIPPING TERMs completely listed is received by us.

    How do I get extended payment terms, like Net 30 days?

    You don't - We do not extend payment terms to anyone for any reason, ever.

    We provide a very high level of service to our wholesale customers and maintaining a massive inventory driven by real-time technology/information systems as-well-as the staff, facilities and customer service to support our customers is expensive. For these reasons, we require payment for all orders up-front (except approved Government PO's) before the order can be shipped.

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover in an effort to be as flexible to our customers payment needs as possible. If you must, you may pay by check, but we will only hold inventory for your order for five (5) business days. If we do not receive a check for your order within five (5) business days, then your order will be cancelled and you will be banned from ordering with us in the future.

    What does Powered By Disc Nation Mean??

    Disc Nation has built the most advanced supply chain in the disc golf industry. Disc Golf Wholesale uses the supply chain automation and distribution infrastructure of Disc Nation to offer the products on this site and to fulfill all orders. Disc Nation's architecture allows Disc Golf Wholesale to offer the only real-time wholesale inventory in Disc Golf, as-well-as the only fully automated order process. This allows us to ship orders to you, our customer, fast and with unparalleled accuracy.