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Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Disc Golf Wholesale offers single-color foil hot stamping on orders of 50 discs or more at an additional charge. We provide custom stamping on a variety of mini/marker discs, full-sized disc golf discs and ultimate discs. Here is how it works:

Pricing, Process and Time

We offer custom-stamping on a variety of different models and plastics at different price-points. Custom orders require four (4) weeks lead time from the time artwork has been approved. Orders submitted less than four (4) weeks from the required date will incur a $50 rush order charge, if we agree to accept the order. No exceptions.

The first time a piece of art is submitted for custom-stamping, there will be a setup fee for making the stamping plate of $35 for a mini-sized stamp of 3" or less and $75 for a full-sized stamp of 3"+ to 5.5". The setup fee is based on the size of the stamp, not the sized disc it will be placed on. For example a small (mini) stamp of 3" on a full-size golf disc or ultimate disc would have a $35 setup charge as it requires a smaller stamping plate. Subsequent orders for the exact same artwork will have no setup charge as we will have the plate on file.

The price for custom orders is the wholesale cost of the discs (based on your specific pricing tier), plus $.50 per disc stamped. The cost is based on providing you with all first-quality discs and stamps. No mis-stamps will be offered or shipped with custom orders. Please not that the term "1st Quality" refers to discs within an acceptible margin of error as determined by Disc Golf Wholesale. Due to the nature of the process, differences in plastic/rubber compounds and foil adhesion, some discs may show areas of imperfection. This is the nature of the process and all customers must be willing to live with minor imperfections.

A minimum of 50 total discs must be ordered for custom-stamping and a minimum or 25 discs per model is required. No exceptions.


We hot stamp golf discs and ultimate discs using your custom artwork. If you do not have artwork or your artwork is not hot-stamp ready, then we can help you with artwork at a charge of $60 per hour. If you have artwork that is ready for review or have questions about a stamping job, please e-mail us at We will assess any submitted artwork at no charge and prepare it for stamping if it meets our hotstamping guidelines.

Please note: We will not, under any circumstances, stamp words, artwork, logos, or other trademarked images on custom stamped orders, except as requested by the owner of said trademark. Period. We also reserve the right to refuse artwork for any reason, and will not stamp controversial material such as blatant nudity, drug references, and the like.

Disc Colors and Stamp Colors

Customers may request specific colors of discs and/or hot-stamp foil, but we cannot guarantee that we can source blank discs in specific colors or hot stamp foil in specific colors. So all custom stamping orders are submitted with the understanding that these requests may not be honored when stamping your discs. Refunds and/or discounts will not be offered on custom-stamping orders.

Disc Models

We offer custom stamping on a variety of disc models from a variety of manufacturers at different price points. While we cannot verify the availability of models until orders are finalized, we generally offer custom stamping on the following:

Mini Discs
Small Axe interlocking minis

Golf Discs
Discraft Pro-D, Elite-X, Elite-Z and ESP Models
Lightning Standard, Pro and Glow Models
Latitude 64 Opto and Gold Models*
Millennium Standard, Quantum and Sirius
MVP Proton and Eclipse Glow Models
UB Hand Candy Models
Westside Discs VIP and Tournament Models
Dynamic Discs Classic, Lucid and Fuzion Models
Legacy Discs Gravity, Excel, Icon, and Pinnacle Models
Prodigy Disc 300-S, 400-S, and 400-G Models

* Latitude blanks are sourced from Sweden, so additional time is required for Latitude custom orders and rush processing is not available.

Ultimate & Freestyle Discs
175g Innova Pulsar
180g Innova Super Nova