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Golf Discs :: Mid range :: Aftershock Pro
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Aftershock Pro

Aftershock Pro

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Price: $11.60

The Aftershock is currently available in the following plastics...
Aftershock D-Line ($7.10)
Aftershock Pro ($11.60)
Aftershock SP-Line ($12.60)
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The DGA Aftershock, released in March 2009, is a stable mid-range. The Aftershock is a less overstable variation of the DGA Shockwave, which power players covet for its over-stability. The Aftershock has great glide and holds straight and turnover lines on a very consistent basis. The Aftershock is for players looking for increased accuracy and has just the right amount of speed and glide to become your main midrange disc.


  • DGA Pro Plastic
  • Spped: 5
  • Glide: 4
  • High Speed Turn: 0
  • Fade: 1
  • Stability Rating: +.5