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Educational Disc Golf Set - 24 Discs
Educational Disc Golf Set - 48 Discs
48 Disc Retail Disc Golf Starter Set
72 Disc Retail Disc Golf Starter Set
72 Disc - Disc Golf Retail Starter Set (with Tie-dye discs)

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Educational Disc Golf Set - 24 Discs

Educational Disc Golf Set - 24 Discs

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Price: $197.99

Educators - Your new disc golf set has arrived! This great disc golf bundle is perfect for any small to medium sized group that is looking to experience the fun of disc golf at an affordable price. This assortment is comprised of golf discs made from standard plastic, which are the easiest to grip and throw. All of our educational discs are beginner-friendly, but can be used with new and experienced players alike.

This bundle (one of our best sellers) was developed after years of working with customers who were organizing school, church, camp, company, and other group disc golf events for beginners. This bundle features first quality discs from varying manufacturers.

Select the mix of discs (below) that best suits the format of your instructional program or event. Typically players at group events play with sets comprised of 1, 2, or 3 discs. The types of discs that we provide in each assortment vary based on the number of discs you would like for each player. Here is how we pick these items based on your selection:
- 1 Disc - You will receive 24 mid-range discs.
- 2 Discs - You will receive 12 drivers and 12 putters.
- 3 Discs - You will receive 8 drivers, 8 mid-range, and 8 putters.

Assortments are offered in the following weights (all weights may not be available at all times):
- 150 Class - 140 - 159 grams (best for children)
- 160 Class - 160 - 169 grams (great for mixed functions)
- 170 Class - 170 - 176 grams (for stronger players)

We will provide the largest assortment of colors possible based on the option you select. However, available of colors change daily and you may receive a limited number of colors due to the stock that is available when we fill your order.

If you are purchasing these for a tax exempt organization and are having these shipped within Texas, then include the organization name and Tax ID as a note on the order and we will refund your sales tax when your order is processed. If these are being shipped outside of Texas, then no sales tax will be charged on any orders. All options shown are in stock and will be shipped out the next business day.