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Golf Discs :: Mid range :: Atlas Champion Overmold
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Atlas Champion Overmold

Atlas Champion Overmold

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Price: $12.95

The Atlas is currently available in the following plastics...
Atlas XT Overmold ($12.95)
Atlas Champion Overmold ($12.95)
Atlas STAR Overmold ($14.95)
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The Atlas mid-range is a new direction for Innova Discs as they step into the world of over-molded discs. It features a two-part molding process that allows them to meld together the flight plate and rim. The flight plate is made of Champion plastic and rhe rim is a gummy STAR plastic for extra grip. While being made of Champion and Star parts the disc is classified as Champion by Innova Discs. The Atlas features four "compass points" located on the underside of the disc. These ports are where the rim is injected over the flight plate.

Please note:The Atlas with its two-part design offers a vast array of color combinations between the rim and flight plate. As a result the colors options listed will only be for color of the flight plate. For example if you purchase a blue Atlas, you will receive a blue colored flight plate and there is no garauntee on the color of the rim. If you do need to request a certain rim color we ask that you please leave a customer note and we will do our best to to meet your requests.

Because of the two-mold injection process used by Innova, the Atlas may show "witness marks" on the top of the disc inversley from the four "compass points" that are on the bottom of each disc. The "witness marks" will be discolrations or slight indentions directly above each compass point. These marks are deemed first quality by Innova and do not affect the flight in any way.


  • Speed 5
  • Glide 4
  • High Speed Turn 0
  • Low Speed Turn 1
  • Innovas first two-mold disc
  • Rim is made of Innova's grippy STAR Plastic
  • Flight plate is firmer Champion plastic