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Golf Discs :: Mid range :: Roc STAR Rancho
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Roc STAR Rancho

Roc STAR Rancho

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Price: $14.40

The Roc ("Rancho Roc") is currently available in the following plastics...
Roc DX ($6.95)
Roc DX - Bottom Stamp ($6.95)
Roc DX Glow ($8.95)
Roc KC Pro ($10.75)
Roc STAR Rancho ($14.40)
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The purest form of the purest disc - the Rancho model Roc, now available in Star plastic! This is one of the most hotly awaited releases in years.

The Star Roc was once reserved for the most highly collectible venue in disc golf, the USDGC Roc. Until Spring 2012, you could only buy this disc for collectible prices. Now, the famed "Rancho" Roc is a regular-production Star model! "Rancho" refers to the Rancho Cucamonga engraving on the disc, which identifies it as the most popular of several versions of the Roc over the years, born from the Rancho Cucamonga factory years.

Many players know the Roc is a "go to" mid-range disc for players of all abilities, and is carried by more more Pros than any other mid. If you're looking for a stay-stable type of Roc, this regular production Star Rancho is the goldmine!


  • Speed 4
  • Glide 4
  • High Speed Turn 0
  • Low Speed Turn +3
  • Rancho Mold Roc
  • Durable and Grippy STAR Plastic