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Lindy Value 3-Pack
Lindy Value 3-Pack
Our price: $12.99

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Accessories :: Night Play :: Lindy Value 3-Pack
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Lindy Value 3-Pack

Lindy Value 3-Pack

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Price: $12.99

If you love Night Disc Golf and can't seem to keep these little lights in stock, then we've got a deal for you. We got an awesome buy on a whole bunch of these lights and are blowing them out at almost 50% off of the normal retail price.

These little lights are perfect solution for night play, featuring a battery that is rated for 20 continuous hours of use. The light is turned on/off by twisting the tip of the light, and can be attached to your disc using tape. Best when used with candy plastic discs like the Innova Champion or Discraft Elite-Z lines.

Don't miss your chance to save BIG on these little lights!


  • Less than 1 1/2" Long
  • Very Light Weight
  • Battery Rated for 20 Hours of Continuous Use
  • Price is for Three (3) Lights