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Golf Discs :: Mid range :: A4 400-G Series
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A4 400-G Series

A4 400-G Series

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Price: $13.00

The A4 is currently available in the following plastics...
A4 400-G Series ($13.00)
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The A4 is a slightly more straight to stable flying approach disc designed to fill the gap between putters and midranges. Similar to the A3, but slightly more understable the A4 is ideal for all skill levels.

Prodigy Disc, launched in 2013 by a team of professional disc golf World Champions, has quickly established itself as a "players" company. The Prodigy team aims to create quality and professional discs for players of all skill levels to enjoy.

The 400-G Series is a premium blend of material that is extremely durable and has a little more tactile flex than 400-S. The unique blend of plastics feels as good as it looks and will be able to be broken in over time. This tour quality plastic gives the thrower better grip even when it is wet.


  • Prodigy 400-G Series plastic
  • Features stock 400-G stamp