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Educational Disc Golf Set - 24 Innova Discs
Educational Disc Golf Set - 48 Innova Discs
Retail Disc Display Rack
Retail Disc Display Rack
Our price: $99.99
72 Disc Disc Golf Retail Starter Set with Display Rack
48 Disc Retail Disc Golf Starter Set
72 Disc Retail Disc Golf Starter Set
72 Disc - Disc Goilf Retail Starter Set (with Tie-dye discs)

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Retail Disc Display Rack

Retail Disc Display Rack

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Price: $99.99

This Retail Display Rack is a versatile solution for any business or group wishing to display their disc products in style. With its collapsible "A" frame design, the rack can be free-standing on your sales floor, or mounted directly onto a wall. This rack has 12 individual slots, each capable of holding up to 12 discs. Since golf discs vary in depth, with putters taking up nearly twice the depth of drivers, you'll find room for anywhere from 96 to 144 discs on a single rack. Placard mounts on each shelf help you identify and price the products therein.

For clubs, stores, even individuals -- the Retail Display Rack is your easy solution to getting that plastic upright and visible!